About Us

Welcome to Fab5Deals!

My name is Francis Ames and I am Hispanic female and a wife, that lives just outside of Philadelphia. I am Christian woman who loves to make people smile, motivate others with hope and self confidence. On a personal note, I continue to develop myself as a leader and entrepreneur. The best part is interacting with customers online, playing games, showing off lovely pieces, and just having fun on a regular basis on Facebook. This business has helped me to something meaningful by contributing financially to many worthy causes in the community.

I began my journey as independent Paparazzi Consultant as Ames Crafts in October 2018. Like many entrepreneurs I was excited, scared and had a lot of questions. I had some experience with online sales, by making and selling hand made crafts with a 10 year established business called Ames Crafts. I was proud of obtaining a 100% satisfaction online rating in 10 years. The problem with handmade crafts is that I could no longer scale up. There just wasn't enough hours in a day to make enough greeting cards. Therefore, the Ames Crafts shifted its business focus to selling accessories.

I looked into various business opportunities that would allow me to grow a scalable online business. Joining Paparazzi has been one of the best decisions I made. The leadership are committed to changing people lives and this became evident with the many online trainings available and in person trainings as well. They are big acknowledging your success and have two avenues to reward your hard work in sales and leadership.

We have a team Facebook page "The Academy" where we share our success, learn from our top leaders on how to grow our business and we have our own team group chat where there is always someone available to answer your question. Despite my previous online sales success, I have learned so much and have embraced social media with the help and support of the Paparazzi family. I also quickly found new best friends with an ever growing team and fantastic customers. 

My initial investment was quickly turned into a profit within months and my team began to form as well. One and half year later, I recognized for my hard work with the sales with Life of the Party Bronze award, and 4 months after that I received the next award Life of the Party Silver award in June 2020. This has allowed me to expand my offerings to my customers and show my team how to reach their sales goals too. My goal in 2021 is to reach Life of the Party Gold and reach Crown 5.

My why is simple "YOU!". I want to be able to contribute to charities every month without touching my family's budget and this has happened every month since I began this business. Today, I work with an amazing group of entrepreneurs inspiring, motivating and coaching them to build their self confidence and reach their goals. I love connecting with my customers on a regular bases it's just so much fun. 

Fab5Deals is an online jewelry boutique where men, women and children can find fabulous affordable accessories for just five dollars. The best part is that the jewelry is nickel and lead free.  

Customers can shop with me online here, at home parties, community fairs or events, and on my Facebook group. I go live Monday through Saturday at 8 pm EST.