HI Fellow Entrepreneurs!

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Can you believe it's 2022? Where did the time go? I can honestly say I have enjoyed the journey as an entrepreneur even in the high and lows there is always an opportunity to grow and learn. The questions I always ask myself is

  • What worked?
  • What did lesson did I learn?
  • Where can I improve?
  • How can I do what I do better?
  • What do I need in place to prepare for growth?
  • What's an untapped market?
  • What separates me from others?
  • Why am I doing what I am doing?

Without being clear on why you are doing it? Who is your customer? What problem do I solve? It's like driving in your car without a destination. Sure at first the trip is fun then it becomes tiresome. However, if you know where you are going then you can get through the highs and lows in your business.

Will talk more about how to deal with the high and lows of the business in another post. Until next time. Sparkle on!